Avoid Common Tax Mistakes & Reduce Your Tax Burden
Let WFP Tax Partners Do Your Tax Returns  

"Pay taxes once, it’s your obligation. Pay taxes twice, it’s your fault." 

Over 80% of Tax Returns Have Errors or Missed Deductions. 

You're Probably Paying More Than Your Fair Share in Taxes

At your tax appointment, we’ll review the latest tax-savings strategies overlooked by many taxpayers. 

Our offices are located at 22 Church Street in the historic Liberty Corner district of Basking Ridge, and there’s ample free parking behind our building. 

Here’s how our loyal clients describe us: 

1. Responsive 

2. Knowledgable 

3. Attentive

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5. Caring 


Our 4-Step Tax Prep Process:

  • 1

    Step 1: Gather Your Documents

    Income & Expense information for the year that JUST ended
    A copy of last year's tax returns 
    Your driver's license (required by the IRS) - both for yourself, and your spouse (if filing jointly) 
    Full names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers for yourself, your spouse, and any dependents 
    Your checking account & routing numbers (IRS prefers automatic credit/debit) 
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  • 2

    Step 2: During Your Discovery Appointment 

    We'll collect your information and review it carefully 
    We'll ask questions to make sure we understand your complete tax picture
    We'll take time to answer YOUR questions 
    After you leave, our CPA partners will complete your tax returns based on your information - so we'll ask you to come back for a follow-up delivery appointment. If we have any questions in the interim we'll be sure to contact you for clarification! 
  • 3

    Step 3: During Your Delivery Appointment 

    Delivery is designed to give you ample opportunity to review what we've done
    We'll make sure all remaining questions are answered 
    Once we have your full approval, your tax returns will be eFiled
    We'll offer insights for improving your tax situation going forward 
  • 4

    Step 4: Questions, Comments & Next Steps 

    Tax returns certainly give a clear picture of the past year, but we believe it's wise to strategize for the current year
    If you'd like more details for saving money on your taxes going forward, we'll schedule time to meet again for customized tax planning 

Walter Pardo

Walter Pardo is Founding Partner of WFP Tax Partners and an Ed Slott Master Elite IRA AdvisorSM. WFP Tax Partners provides a full-service tax planning process, utilizing its staff and team of accountants to provide personalized tax planning, preparation, and filing services to minimize tax burdens and build solid tax-reduction strategies for the long-term.

Walter resides in central New Jersey with his wife, Suzanne, and two daughters, Isabel and Natalie. He may often be found trying to reduce his handicap at Hawk Pointe Golf Club in Washington, NJ or playing the piano at home with the family.
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